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Good afternoon Butch, words cannot express how much I love the pavers! They never ever looked this new. Thank you for doing such an awesome job for us. We really really appreciate it. Please don't retire! Take care. D. Ciard

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is widely used as a paving surface. Concrete Pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, patios all collect dirt, molds, and stains over time. So I do I Clean Concrete? It may have grease stains from your outdoor grill, rust stains, tire marks or even paint spills.

Most people do not have time or energy to maintain these surfaces. Our hot water scrubbing machine combined with detergents will clean and brighten your concrete surface. This cleaning process will restore your concrete to like new condition. After cleaning concrete we recommend a sealer application in order to enhance the look and make future maintenance less troublesome and more efficient. If the weather cooperates we clean the concrete and apply the sealer in a one day process.

This process and application can also be used to refurbish stamped concrete. This process may take 2 days ,since we have to allow some surfaces to dry first.

Concrete cleaning Before and After Results

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