Mold Removal and Prevention

Mold, moss, and algae growth will thrive on pavers and other hardscapes that provide the right conditions; moisture and limited sunlight exposure. These growths destroy the aesthetic appeal of your hardscape and can also be a health risk as you walk across your pavers and drag the mold spores into your home.

On hardscape projects that are affected by these growths we use ecomoldgo to remove the pathogens and provide a barrier to discourage new growth. We are the only certified, trained applicators of ecomoldgo in this area. Ecomoldgo penetrates the surface and attacks the root systems of these growths, no other cleaning solution, including bleach, works as effectively as ecomoldgo. Ecomoldgo can be reapplied yearly to control the mold growth and keep your pavers and joint sand sparkling clean.
The Paver Pros EP Henry Certified Sealing Specialist Seal'n Lock System Corporation Techniseal SUREBOND ECOMOLD